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Market News
: 2015 (updated on 30/11/2015)

US raises benchmark interest rate by 0.25% (BBC 16-03-17)
Will Donald Trump mean the end of global trade? (BBC 25-01-17)
Trump executive order pulls out of TPP trade deal (BBC 24-01-17)
The UK's EU referendum: All you need to know (BBC 24-06-16)
World's Longest Negative Rate Experiment Shows Perversions Ahead (Bloomberg 1-05-16)
Here's What Usually Happens to Stocks in Years Like 2016 (Bloomberg 1-04-16)
Flood of Central Bank Moves can't Lift World out of Rut (Bloomberg 29-03-16)
A Hard Landing in China Could 'Shake the World (Bloomberg 19-11-15)
Commodities slump again - here's why you should care (BBC 13-11-15)
China's Slowdown Could Be a Plus for U.S. and Europe in the End (Bloomberg 03-11-15)
Lagarde: China's economy is not all 'doom and gloom (BBC 09-10-15)
China Dread Loses Bite as Global Shares Jump Most Since 2011 (Bloomberg 07-10-15)
IMF cuts forecast for global growth (BBC 06-10-15)
World Bank cuts Asia growth forecast on China and US rates (BBC 05-10-15)
Markets see their worst quarter in four years (BBC 01-10-15)
IMF head warns of weaker global growth (BBC 30-09-15)
2015 Is Turning Out to Be a Terrible Year for Investors (Bloomberg 30-09-15)
US interest rates left unchanged by Federal Reserve (BBC 17-09-15)
China poses threat to global growth, IMF warns (BBC 03-09-15)
The IMF urges the Fed to delay a rate rise (Economist 03-09-15)
Gold Isn't the Safe Haven Investors Thought It Would Be (Bloomberg 31-08-15)
China share slump: How it affects the rest of the world (24-08-15)
S&P 500 Corrects, Oil Routed as Selloff in Risk Assets Deepens (Bloomberg 24-08-15)
Could China's Yuan Devaluation Spark a New Financial Crisis? (Bloomberg 23-08-15)
Global economy woes hit markets (BBC 21-08-15)
How much control does China now have over the yuan? (BBC 12-08-15)
What the yuan devaluation means around the world (BBC12-08-15 )
Global economic growth to slow, NIESR predicts (BBC 05-08-15)

Eurozone outlook improves, International Monetary Fund says (BBC 27-07-15)

Brics countries launch new development bank in Shanghai (BBC 21-07-15)
Greece's Euro Exit Back on the Agenda Next Year, Economists Say (Bloomberg 21-07-15)
Greece debt crisis: Eurozone deal laws backed by MPs (BBC 16-07-15)
Greece debt crisis: IMF attacks EU over bailout terms (BBC 15-07-15)
Would Grexit have been a better deal? (BBC 15-07-15)
Janet Yellen: US rate rise still likely this year (BBC 15-07-15)
China May Tip World Into Recession: Morgan Stanley (Bloomberg 14-07-15)
Greece debt crisis: Eurozone summit strikes deal (BBC 13-07-15)
Ignore the ‘Faint Whiff of Panic;’ Global Growth Is Accelerating (Bloomberg 10-07-15)
Who Blew Up China’s Stock Bubble? (Bloomberg 09-07-15)
Why the volatility in Chinese markets? (BBC 09-07-15)
Greek debt crisis: How easy is it to swap currencies? (Bloomberg 09-07-15)
IMF cuts global growth forecast for 2015 (BBC 09-07-15)
China shares: Regulator takes action after slide (BBC 08-07-15)
Here's some of what needs fixing (Bloomberg 08-09-15)
Greece’s Debt Crisis Explained (New York Times 05-07-15)
Greece debt crisis: Greek voters reject bailout offer (BBC 05-07-15)
Greece Misses $1.7 Billion IMF Payment, Joining Zimbabwe's Ranks (Bloomberg 01-07-15)
Greece Imposes Capital Controls as Fears of Grexit Grow (Bloomberg 29-06-15)
With 61 Seconds in a Minute, Markets Brace for Trouble (Bloomberg 28-06-15)
Mexico to Overtake Russia by 2050 as U.S. Slides (Bloomberg 23-06-15)
Asia-Pacific Wealth Overtakes Europe's (Bloomberg 16-06-15)
Greek debt: IMF leaves talks amid 'major differences' (BBC 11-06-15)
Greece delays 5 June IMF debt payment (BBC 04-06-15)
OECD slashes US forecast as gives global economy B minus (BBC 03-06-15)
China's yuan no longer undervalued, says IMF (BBC 26-05-15)
Record fines for currency market fix (BBC 21-05-15)
A $150 Billion Income Windfall Has Disappeared Under the Mattress (Bloomberg 14-05-15)
Why China's slowdown matters (BBC 08-05-15)
European bond prices drop sharply in mass sell off (BBC 07-05-15)
Federal Reserve's Janet Yellen in share price warning (BBC 06-05-15)
Eurozone economic growth picking up, EU report says (BBC 05-05-15)
The Chinese Can’t Kick Their Savings Habit (Bloomberg 01-05-15)
Europe Unseats U.S. as Best Place to Invest in Bloomberg Poll (Bloomberg 29-04-15)
How a $17 Trillion Bull Market Falls Short Relative to Past (Bloomberg 27-04-15)
Schwarzman Deems China Defaults Good as Markets Embrace Failure (Bloomberg 21-04-15)
The Major Paradox at the Heart of the Chinese Economy (Bloomberg 15-04-15)

Global financial risks have risen, says IMF (BBC 15-04-15)

Global growth to remain 'moderate' in 2015, says IMF (BBC 14-04-15)
Surging Dollar Boosts Europe, Japan as U.S. Slows, IMF Says (Bloomberg 14-04-15)
Lagarde welcomes loan payment commitment from Athens (BBC 06-04-15)
Oil price unlikely to rebound - Saudi official (BBC 22-03-15)
Federal Reserve modifies stance on low interest rates (BBC 19-03-15)
France and Germany join UK in Asia bank membership (BBC 17-03-15)
Strong Dollar, Weak Euro: How the Currency Shift Is Hitting Companies (Bloomberg 15-03-15)
Pressure Rises for a June Rate Hike (Bloomberg 06-03-15)
Janet Yellen says Federal Reserve flexible on rate rise (BBC 25-02-15)
Greece debt crisis: Eurozone backs reform plans (BBC 24-02-15)
Greece bailout: Government 'delays reform plan deadline' (BBC23-02-15)
A Greek deal - for now (BBC 20-02-15)
Global dividend income hits new record of $1.167 trillion (BBC 16-02-15)
Eurozone economy sees growth pick up (BBC 13-02-15)
Don’t Despair: Global Growth Shows Signs of Health Led by U.S. (Bloomberg 11-02-15)
Why India Will Keep Growing Faster Than China (Bloomberg 28-01-15)
Greece: Germany warns over debt commitments (BBC 26-01-15)
The U.S. Economy Is Strong, But Is It Strong Enough to Power the World? Davos is Worried (Bloomberg 26-01-15)
ECB unveils massive QE boost for eurozone (BBC 22-01-15)
Why Falling Prices Are Actually a Really Bad Thing (Bloomberg 22-01-15)
IMF downgrades global growth forecast (BBC 20-01-15)
Bank Losses From Swiss Currency Surprise Seen Mounting (Bloomberg 19-01-15)
Rough seas: Stock volatility here to stay (CNN 18-01-15)
California Zooms Past Russia, Italy and Soon Brazil in Economic Might (Bloomberg 16-01-15)
S&P to pay $1.4bn to regulators in sub-prime debt case (BBC 15-01-15)
Swiss franc soars as Switzerland abandons euro cap (BBC 15-01-15)
Here's What the Swiss Central Bank Just Did and Why It's Such a Shocker (15-01-15)
World Bank cuts global growth forecast (BBC 13-01-15)
America's Going to Lose the Oil Price War (Bloomberg 12-01-15)
Brent crude oil price falls to six-year low (BBC 12-01-15)
Euro Drop a Turning Point for Central Bank Reserves (Bloomberg 08-01-15)
Euro Forecasters See More Pain After Worst Year Since 2005 (Bloomberg 03-01-15)
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