Phoenix Consultants Ltd.
1st Floor, Kings Court, Bay Street, P.O. Box N-3944, Nassau, Bahamas

Private Client Services

Phoenix Consultants Ltd provides independent contractors new more flexible and beneficial way to work in the desired modern lifestyle. When you work with Phoenix Consultants, you can be assured you will be protected by high quality healthcare, retirement and employee benefits plus we also help improve the way you get international business opportunities and projects with a recruitment strategy that fit's the way you want to work.


The company has 3 main business units and these include:

• Recruitment and work placement for International Contractors

• Contract Management & Service Facilities

• Wealth Management, Legal Services & Employee Benefits


We employ independent contractors in professions such as: 

✓ Oil & Gas ✓ Aerospace ✓ Defence ✓Telecommunications ✓ Railway ✓ Mining ✓ Metallurgy ✓ Engineering ✓ Water ✓ Crew ✓ Infrastructure Projects


If you would like to find out about current opportunities or indeed about how Phoenix Consultants can help you find the ideal projects to work on then please get in touch with page admins. Phoenix Consultants Ltd are part of Excelsior Group and a sister company to Excelsior Worldwide Ltd.


Phoenix Consultants (Siam) Ltd We provide administrative support for financial companies who offer services and operate in the international financial market. Our experienced team can provide valuations, processing of applications, monitoring of clients needs and compliance requirements.

Group Retirement Schemes

Group Healthcare Schemes

Group Bank Accounts

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